Improvement Academy

Building capability and capacity

The Eastern Improvement Academy aims to build a quality improvement infrastructure to support continued improvement and innovation. We see this as key to the delivery of better patient care and health across our region. All organisations delivering health and social care in the eastern region have access to the support, training and resources provided through the Eastern Improvement Academy.

What is the Eastern Improvement Academy?

The Eastern Improvement Academy is open to anyone involved or interested in quality improvement. It is a network of improvers, patient safety experts and clinicians working together with all frontline services, patients and the public to deliver better lives and outcomes through improved health and social care delivery.

What does the Eastern Improvement Academy offer?

The Eastern Improvement Academy provides a framework, which will support improvement action through coaching, supporting, signposting, collaborating, and delivering improvement training.

The Eastern Improvement Academy not only provides access to education and resources to build quality improvement knowledge and skills, it enables progressive professional development from entry level to expert practitioner. Through our training programmes we have adopted multiple approaches to deliver improvement training;

  • on-line training
  • improvement coaching
  • master classes
  • formal programmes delivered by partner organisations

The Eastern Improvement Academy seeks to equip staff, at all levels to have the confidence to identify areas for improvement and then have the skills, knowledge and support to be able to implement those improvements.

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